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Designed to improve people's lives.

"Nubbit is a product born out of necessity.  I first realised that Nubbit was needed when some years ago my daughter became disabled due to brain and spinal cord cancer.  Her hands became inverted and tremulous making it hard for her to hold a tablet.  At that time I was unable to find an accessory on the market that would help her do this. 

This is how the idea for Nubbit started to form.    

The idea was to morph the edge of the device into a shape that would fit a hand in a relaxed and natural position. My daughter needed it, but I soon realised it would help anybody with reduced hand function.  As the product developed, it became clear that Nubbit could also be a desirable product for those without a disability."


Six Kindle and iPad options

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What is a nubbit?

Nubbit is a support accessory for use with tablets and e-readers devices that replaces the hard, thin edge of a device with a comfortable, organic grip.

Nubbit helps people with diminished hand function grip their device securely.

Nubbit can be used as a grip or stand, at home, at work or on the move, by those with a hand disability and enabled people alike.

Nubbit is available for a range of current iPad and Kindle products.

Five fashion-forward colours to choose from

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How does it work?

Nubbit is constructed of a semi-rigid internal structure enabling a ‘pinch’ action gripping the device securely. It is then over-moulded with a softer material providing a comfortable, pliant, outer surface. The channel provides a non-slip grip on the device. 

Once in place securely on the side of the device, Nubbit can be used as a hand grip or as a multi-positional stand.

When can I buy one?

Nubbit is in the final stages of development. Sign up here to receive updates about Nubbit production and be the first to hear when they're ready to buy.

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